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Help prevent usable items from going into landfills in the United Kingdom.

About Freeused

With multiple reuse and classified ad websites, each with their own features and communities, it can be hard to be aware of all the free used items being offered in your area.

By consolidating all the websites into one simple search it becomes a lot easier to find the item you are looking for. This has the side effect of reudicing landfill and promoting reuse.

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How it works

Unwanted item advertised

Someone advertises on a reuse website that they have something they no longer need.

Use our site to search

You can then search all the reuse websites in your area for a particular item.

Get directed to website

Once you found something you like simply follow the link to the reuse website.

Keep the cycle going

Remember to return the kindness and offer any stuff you no longer need to people who may need it.

Premium subscription

Get access to useful featuers including notifications and fresher search results.

Search Distance

Search for items more than 15 miles away.

Search Notifications

Save your searches and get notified daily or hourly of new ads.

Dynamic checks

Search results that are more than a hour old will be checked dynamically as you search.

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